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Communication Guide

What is Communication?

Communication is defined as a process of transferring information from one person to another. Its effect is gauged on how successful or a failure any kind of relationship, personal or business, will be. Generally, it is perceived as a two-way process in the expression of thoughts, feelings, or ideas, through sharing of signs and other methods, towards a common goal.


We cannot emphasize enough the importance of an effective communication. Through effective communication, goals are achieved in messages sent by senders, good relationship among employees and customers is attained, misunderstanding are avoided, and so on.



There are said to be four types of communication that affect our daily personal and business lives. These are the verbal communication, non-verbal communication, written communication, and visual communication. We will describe here briefly each of this type.


Verbal communication like saying birthday wishes is described as the sounds, words, language and speaking. A language is said to come from sounds and gestures, different all over the world, and is formed under various social elements. Speaking is how effectively we communicate, and can be interpersonal and public.


The non-verbal communication is described as the physical methods of communication such as the tone of the voice, touch, smell and body movements. Non-verbal communication can be creative and aesthetic that includes singing, music, dancing, and sculpturing. Included in non-verbal communication are symbols and sign languages, and body language. For example, your body posture says a lot when you communicate verbally to another person, like folded arms, crossed legs and others. Body posture matters a lot when you are communicating verbally to someone. Other different ways of communication that are non-verbal are our facial expressions, gestures, eye contact and so on. When we do physical contact like shaking hands, pushing, patting and touching, we are expressing an intimate non-verbal communication. 


In written communication like writing i love you quotes for him, we are writing the words that we want to communicate. In any business purposes, a good written communication is very essential. Today, there are many different practices and languages to express written communications. These could be through emails, reports, articles, and memorandums. You can edit and amend your written communications several times before you communicate it to your desired second party.


Visual communication is the last type of communication, but definitely not the least. This type of communication displays information, like topography, photography, signs, symbols and designs. The electronic form of visual communication are televisions and video clips.